Royal Nails Base Training - Gel System
This basic seminar is the foundation of your training. For many years we let flow our experience into the individual learning steps, in order to guarantee you the greatest possible success.
Royal Nails Promotion Set 396110
Training Program 1st day
  • Nail disease
  • Hygiene
  • Prepairing the nail extension with tips
  • Reinforcement of natural nails with gel
  • Special filing techniques to obtain the right nail form
  • Preparing the French Manicure
  • Applying the French Manicure
  • Sealing the French Manicure
Training Program 2nd day
  • Preparing to replenish the nail modelling
  • Renewal of the French Manicure
  • Replenishing the modelling
  • Special filing technique to the right nail form
  • Decoration with glitter nail polish
  • Decoration with decoration striping tapes
  • Decoration with strass stones
  • Sealing the decoration
Certificate: Nail Designer

2 days only € 298.-  including a free Royal Nails Promotion Set (Item # 396110).

All working materials required in the course are contained in the free Royal Nails Promotion set.
A model without artificial nails is to be brought along and should be present the whole time. However, you also have the possibility to come alone, and to model your own nails.
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