The Royal Nails Training System
For us the apprenticeship to a nail modellist is not only a profession, but also a passion.

To carry over the high quality standard of our products to the training, Royal Nails developped a special training concept for you.

Our training concept is based on years of experience, which we would like to share with you in our practical seminars. With Royal Nails learning is fun and crowned with success. All training lessons take place in our training centers and are lead by specially trained teachers. According to our company's philosophy, all teachers are reviewed regularly to provide you with the best possible training standard. Besides this, we offer you an excellent price/performance ratio. Where else will you get a
2 days Intensive Base Seminar for only 298.- EUR ? Seminar Dates
After the training we remain your partner and support you with a successful advertising concept. In short time you will get a large number of new customers. Your customer base will grow rapidly, since these customers will come back every 3 to 4 weeks to have their nails replenished. With your perfect work, new customers will become regular customers and soon you will have a very successful nail studio.

With the Royal Nails concept you will succeed to meet customer needs faster. This gives you an advantage in the market and leads to success. Royal Nails is your strong partner with an extensive, free consulting - this provides confidence and guarantees a long-term future business.
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